Top Tips for Business Success

Here we are with Colin Sprake of Make Your Mark, the amazing man who is the brains behind the Business Excellence “multi-mentor event”.

When I was a classroom teacher I loved teaching children to LOVE learning and to become life long learners, and perhaps that is because I am a lover of learning myself!   Business success begins with making time to learn.  So here are some of the top business tips I have recently learned from top (6 and 7 figure) business people!

One of my best learning experiences as an entrepreneur was attending the 2015 Make Your Mark Business Excellence Conference this past weekend.  It was an incredible, mind blowing, high energy, eureka moment (every 5 minutes) type of event that makes you want to take off running with all the great ideas you learn.  Over 400 attendees all held that same excitement!  Colin Sprake, the founder of Make Your Mark, is a brilliant business man who upholds hard work and integrity and is not afraid to kick your tushie to make you get your business maximum success.  Attending his courses is a “must do” whether you have been in business for 15 days or 15 years.  (Please check them out! Tell him I sent you with this code: #9874!  Or contact me and I will do my best to get you a ticket to one of his events as my guest!  You can comment below or email me at

Business Excellence is a three day conference filled with well-known business minds and  ended with about 46 auditioners trying out for one of five spots in front of five savvy investors including:  Kevin Harrington (the original Shark from Shark Tank), Colin Sprake, Matt Furlot, and Michael Marti.   I hummed and hawed and yes, I did audition, and  …. Drum roll….. Before I tell you about that …… drum roll stop…  I would  first LOVE to share the Six TOP Tips for success that I learned for business and for life right here right now!  I love to share what I learn and hope it helps you too!  These six tips for business success comes from six different business masterminds!

You would think the “Chicken Soup Author” would be a gentle, kind soul – and you would be right!  A memorable part of his presentation – take the things you say you “can’t” do.  Now replace “can’t” with “won’t”.  Now replace “won’t” with either “shouldn’t” or “will”.   Jack Canfield shared so many great stories and gold nugget quotes like “Become someone worth becoming”.

By the way, if you would like to hear these tips as audio, here they are:

Six Business Tips from Top Business People:

Best business TIP #1 comes from Jack Canfield and it is ask ask ask for what you want and then believe  and focus on what you want and that you will receive it! Jack shared that people who write down their goals get paid nine times as much as those who don’t.  Food for thought or action to be taken?

With Jack Canfield, the author of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" and so much more.

With Jack Canfield, the author of “Chicken Soup For The Soul” and so much more.

TIP #2 comes from Kevin Harrington, inventor of infomercials, one of the original Sharks on Shark Tank, and brilliant business mind.   Memorize this if you want know how to nail the perfect pitch, ready?  Tip #2:  The formula for the perfect pitch:  Step 1. Tease,  Step 2. Please, and Step 3. Seize! (I will disclose more on my new Podcast coming soon called Elaine’s Kitchen Table!  So exciting, stay tuned!)

Kevin Harrington gives his best sales tipsBest Tip for Pitching Business

TIP #3 comes from Croix Sather, MindSet guru and TEDx speaker, who states that maximizing success means “a few simple disciplines repeated everyday”.  Avoid jumping from task to task but F.O.C.U.S.!  Follow One Course Until Success!  I also loved that he said if you are writing your own e-mails, cutting your own grass, and cleaning your own house, hire someone else to do that and make money!

Top Tips for Business Success with Croix Sather

TIP #4 comes from a man whose “talk” came deep from his heart and soul, from a man who worked with Elvis Presley and Henry Ford II, we were so honoured to meet him, Mr. Thomas Bahler.  Tip #4 is, when something goes not as planned in life and in business, ask yourself “Did I make a mistake or a discovery?  There are no mistakes, just discoveries!”  Wow!  Learn from what went wrong and own what you discover because it is yours! Own your discovery!

Top Tips for Business Success with Thomas Bahler

TIP #5 comes from Teresa De Grosbois, an exceptional business woman and speaker, who states that one of the key errors people make is the “premature ask”. Give influence to get influence, endorse and help each other rather than just ask for something when you meet someone with influence! Give, give, give!

Business success tips

TIP #6 comes from Gerry Foster, a dynamic, full of crazy contagious energy man, who is a marketing genius to say the least!  Best marketing tip ever, are you ready?  Write this one down:  People buy your promise, not your product or service.  Best branding tip ever!

Top branding tips

Feeling the love of other amazing women in business!  Here with the lovely Adryon, Constance and Keeley. Kevin O’Leary just recently stated in an article that women in business are making the profits and more women should be elevated to CEOs!  (Business Insider Australia) Yes, Mr. Wonderful is one of my investors.

Women in Business

Dads in business

Here with some great men in business; Tim, and Ricky of

Colin Sprake business tipsBusiness tips from Colin Sprake

An amazing book featuring amazing entrepreneurs.  We grabbed a few of these.  Can’t wait to read their stories!  Did I mention that the awesome photos on the cover were taken by my talented husband, Ron Comeau of Photo Express? Yes they are!

At the end of day two, Colin announced that you could audition for the Pitch Tank the next day for one of five spots.  Some opportunities will not ever happen again so I knew I had to take action and seize the opportunity as the CEO of Easy Daysies to meet this great “sharks” and what will happen will happen.   Over 40 people auditioned and I was one of the very nervous auditioners.  We had 45 seconds to pitch to several of the “sharks”.  And then five were chosen to pitch at Pitch Tank in front of the live audience of 400.  I was honoured and excited to be announced as one of the five finalists!  (Gulp)

I could not eat a bite of lunch and the presentation was right after lunch.  There were five seats, each with a large number on different pieces of colored paper.  Seats number 3, 4, and 5 were taken when I got there. I sat at seat number 2.

I was the second pitcher and so very honoured to be sitting with the four amazing contestants.  I would have been so very happy for any of them to win the pitch!  Great people.

business excellence kevin harrington pitch-tank kevin harrington pitch tank colin sprake business excellence pitch tank winner colin sprake business tips

The result? The four judges were to hold up the number that they vote for the winning pitch. Ready? Here is who they voted for by order of how they were sitting: Kevin Harrington held up #2 (Wow!!), Matt held up #1, Michael held up #2, and Colin held up #1!  It was a tie!  So Colin told Kevin that him being a real Shark would allow his vote to count for two but Kevin graciously said to let the audience vote.  See below…  I feel truly so very honoured and humbled and blessed…

Pitch Tank


Well there it is, we had an amazing 3 days and learned so much we will be applying in our businesses.  If you are a business owner, or thinking of starting your own business (or have been in business for decades), I would highly recommend getting out there and getting some business education.  Be a lifelong learner!