Show Notes:

Here are 6 powerful business tips I picked up at a recent conference, from amazing speakers like Jack Canfield, the Chicken Soup For The Soul guy, and Thomas Bahler, a musician who worked with Elvis!

Here are links to these amazing people:

Jack Canfield – THE Chicken Soup For The Soul man

Kevin Harrington – Original Shark on Shark Tank, inventor of the TV infomercial

Croix Sather – Non-runner who ran across America. Seriously!

Thomas Bahler – Musical genius who worked with Elvis, Quincy Jones, and a ton of others in the music industry.

Teresa de Grosbois – Best-selling author and influence expert.

Gerry Foster – Brand strategy expert – ever heard of Cascade dish detergent?  That was him!

Note: to read these tips in a blog post, go here:

Six Top Business Tips from Six-Figure Business People: Business Success Begins with Making Time to Learn