Show Notes:

Elaine has “pitched” to a combined 6 Dragons and Sharks (from Dragons’ Den in Canada and Shark Tank in the USA), and every one of them wanted “in”!

Whether you are looking to pitch your business to investors, or pitch your product or service to an individual who is a potential customer, you will want to know these 5 Must-Do’s and 5 Exert Tips on how to nail the perfect pitch.  The best advice comes from those who have done it before.


Grab them by outlining the problem
Reveal your unique solution
Explain your story
Always provide proof
Tantalize with your numbers

Recommended Resource:

Quickbooks accounting software if you are doing your own book-keeping.  Wayyyy better than using Excel!  By the way, if you are outsourcing your book-keeping, that’s great, but make sure you still know your numbers!

Episode 002 – The Perfect Pitch – 5 Tips and 5 Must-Dos to Pitch Your Product or Business Perfectly