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Show Notes:

Elaine and her husband Ron discuss the merits of screen time for children and its effect on communication. They also provide tips for limiting screen time, and resources for “good” screen time.

Resources from this episode:

Khan Academy – Math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics, and even more free online classes.  Our kids love it because they get “rewards” (in the form of points and icons) for completing levels of study.

Chess & Checkers – Apps. The classic games

Math Bingo – App. Turns basic math into a fun game of bingo – Grade-appropriate educational games for K-5

Codecademy and – Free sites to learn coding, aka computer programming. Some people say the most important language to learn for the future is Mandarin – I say it’s computer code.

Episode 003 – Screen Time And Children – How To Limit It, Make It Better, and Enhance Communication In Your Family