Show Notes:

Kevin O'Leary on Elaine's Kitchen Table PodcastI’ve heard a lot of interviews with Kevin O’Leary, but none like this!  We talk about family, his personal life, and what he does when he wakes up in the morning.  It’s maybe the most personal Kevin O’Leary interview yet!

Because he is maybe the world’s most productive person, this episode is 17 minutes, and we get 17 gold information nuggets – 1 per minute!  Learn:

  • What every parent needs to teach their kids about money (the family “MBA”)
  • At what age we should start teaching our kids about money
  • What a “Secret 10” is
  • The 2 relationships you can have with money
  • Kevin’s views on allowance
  • Kevin’s advice to his 18-year old self
  • Why he puts so much effort into having a weekly family meal
  • How many guitars he owns, plus his favorite thing to play on guitar and his “bucket list” song to learn
  • Kevin’s favorite vacation spots
  • Whether he is a morning or night person
  • Kevin’s favorite meals and wine
  • Who would he like to take a portrait of?
  • Who would play Kevin in the movie of his life?
  • Kevin’s (world’s-most-productive-person’s) morning routine
  • What he likes to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Who is his mentor
  • One thing more important than dollars!

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