Show Notes:

Discover top tips on how to get your product on the shelves of big box retailers and how to keep your product on the shelves as Romy shares her experience and expertise of having her own product in over 10,000 US locations, including Target, CVS, and BabiesRUs.

Do you have the three “must haves” Romy shares to embark on this journey?

About Romy:

Romy Taormina is Nausea Relief Chief/Co-Founder of Psi Health Solutions, Inc., the maker of Psi Bands, a medical device for the relief of nausea. Romy oversees the daily operations (including the entire supply chain), marketing, financials, and sales at Psi Health Solutions, Inc.  She is the mom to two teenage boys and a wife of 19 years.

Here is where to find Romy: – the website for her nausea-relief wrist bands – her blog, along with a former big-box retail buyer, for entrepreneurs pursuing retail success

Romy’s LinkedIn profile

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