Mike Gaba Elaine's Kitchen Table interview

Show Notes:

In this episode, returning guest Mike Gaba shares the top 3 smart ways to protect a:

  • Home based business
  • Product based business
  • Service based business

If you are running a business (not a hobby), it is important to have peace of mind to go about your day without constant worry.

Mike Gaba believes that today’s entrepreneurs are the most innovative in Canada’s history and that their potential for success knows no bounds. As the Manager of Business Development at TruShield Insurance, Mike understands entrepreneurs and the risks that startups face. He takes pride in being able provide simple insurance solutions for complex businesses and making insurance easy to understand.  What I appreciate about Mike is that he has hands on experience as a work at home dad as well, so he really understands where the Mompreneur is coming from.  Mike and his wife also recently had their third baby!

Contact info:  Mike.Gaba@nbfc.com


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Whether you’re a consultant, a contractor, or own a retail business, TruShield provides coverage to protect everything that goes into the business you’ve worked hard so to build.

Starting at $29/month, protecting your business with TruShield is affordable.

Feel confident that your small business is protected from the unexpected. Let the TruShield small business insurance advisors help you understand your insurance needs and tailor a solution that fits your business.

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