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Life is like sports – at least that is what my husband says!

In this episode we cover Chapter 2 of my book, “Sell Your Passion” – Be a Triple Threat. It is the most popular chapter of the book as it has resonated with many people whether or not they know anything about basketball!

Learn when to shoot, drive or pass on a sales opportunity with consistent results.

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Elaine Tan Comeau 0:00

It's time to create better, create better family health, business and self Welcome to Elaine's Kitchen Table.

Announcer 0:05

This is where we share tips about business and parenting. Being a mom of three CEO of the award winning company, Easy Daysies, speaker and educator, you're going to learn the tips and secrets of successful and incredible people. Elaine wants you to be inspired, challenged and motivated. And that person you want your kids to grow up to be, this is real talk for real life.

Elaine Tan Comeau 0:31

Hi, welcome to Elaine's Kitchen Table where we talk about how to create better how to create better business Family Health and self. And today we are going to talk about how to sell your passion. And in that, I want to narrow it down to being in a position called a Triple Threat position. And I actually wrote a book called sell your passion. And I had so many people write to me over the years who asked me for a consultation, who asked me to take them or go with them for coffee and so they could pick my brain. And that was how the podcast actually came about. Because I do love coffee. I love helping people. But it's really hard to fit 16 three hour coffee dates in a week when I'm a mom, and a business owner. And so sell your passion is a book that talks about how you can sell your product or service contagiously and effortlessly. And one of the chapters that I've been told is an all time favorite is chapter two, which is called I think it's called a triple threat. Triple A has been sitting here too. Yes, it's called be a triple threat. And I cannot wait to share those strategies with you so that you can know what to do in this very moment. Right now with the client that you are thinking about. Here we go. Hi, welcome to Elaine's Kitchen Table where we talk about how to create better how to create better family health, business and self. And we are now into season seven, season seven. Unbelievable. That's crazy. And just crazy. We are going to talk about how to create better business right now from something I learned way back when I was a school teacher. And not just a school teacher. I'm gonna say we're gonna talk about sports. Are you excited? I'm excited about we're going to talk about sports.

Ron Comeau 2:38

Yes. As I always say, life is like sports. I can make it in a sports analogy, to anything.

Elaine Tan Comeau 2:45

I know. It's crazy. When I married this man. He's like, hey, you know, just like basketball or just like baseball I'm like what? And he would find a way to talk to me through sports. And I wasn't brought up on sports. So he kind of had to teach it twice. I think okay. So early on in my teaching career. I was I had the privilege of being a grade seven boys basketball coach. And there was something I learned called a triple threat. Oh, yes. And I want to talk about the triple threat at that position and how that relates to business. Is that crazy? So how does basketball really relate to business? So we're doing about triple threat position, right? It's definitely an active stance, even though you're paused. But if you watch NBA players, like we just said they move quickly on this movement, but it's well thought out. And being in that Triple Threat position is that moment where you're taking that sales conversion, that sales conversation, sorry, yeah. And decide whether you're going to just go for it and close. And that means you're going to take the shot, go for it. Or you realize that the client doesn't really have the same core values, and it could not be a right fit for you. So you're gonna pass on that deal. Or you discover that there is some great potential in this possible client. And you are just going to go and do your best to develop a relationship. And that is when you're going to drive it forward. So those are the three positions of a triple threat.

Ron Comeau 4:31

Very cool. I totally understand this. Do you? Life is like sports. So let's let's talk about tuning How about okay, let's

Elaine Tan Comeau 4:41

do that. Shooting is when you know, you're gonna go with your gut because you trust that there's definitely going to be a sale here. There's my deal is definitely gonna happen. Everything just feels right. There isn't even a single inkling of an uneasy, you know, with your gut doesn't drive you that way. But this is when you are pretty confident because you have a solution for that person's problem. You have common core values and similarities. And this is someone you actually want to work with. So yes, you are going to go and take the shot.

Ron Comeau 5:17

And someone wants to work with you. Correct? Yes, yeah.

Elaine Tan Comeau 5:21

Yeah, they definitely want to work with you. All right.

Ron Comeau 5:24

So you don't call timeout? No. And think about it more. Now you take the shot, take the shot. And this is why we sometimes talk about something being a slam dunk. Because you're standing right under the basket. You don't call timeout. You don't pass it out to the outside, you just don't get.

Elaine Tan Comeau 5:42

Yes, right. And you know, people see that and they think, Oh, you that was an easy sell. No, it wasn't an easy sale. It was because you were doing what you do you know, your, your avatar, so well. And it says a sure thing,

Ron Comeau 5:55

a slam dunk in the NBA looks easy on TV is one of the hardest shots to do, because you have to get into the position where you can do this slam dunk. And that means you are highly professional at what you do.

Elaine Tan Comeau 6:09

Yeah, and these are very valuable clients, because you were so sure like this is a sure shot, that person that you just sold to or became your client is most likely going to be your raving fan as well. So you need to value them, make them feel so special, so appreciated, and get that testimony from them. So you can share and they will be your ambassador, so important.

Ron Comeau 6:36

So I think everybody except for like the worst salesperson knows if there's a sale there. Go for it. So that's shooting, let's say, you are now introduced to somebody whether is like personal introduction, or it's someone has joined your email list or followed you on social media, or whatever it is that there's some type of introduction between the two of you, but you're not quite close enough to the basket to get an easy DNS slam dunk or a shot that you know is going to go down. What do you do then?

Elaine Tan Comeau 7:08

Okay, well, when you are unsure, this is when you can't trust your gut, because you don't know yet. You need to realize and understand that that potential customer or client wants to have a relationship with you. They don't say it, I want to have relationship with you. But they want to know, and understand how is a relationship with you or your product or service going to benefit them? Right. So this is when you're in your triple threat position. So we've already talked, there's three possible things you could do, right? You could pass it driving forward, or shoot, right? So we already said what shoot is, and we're going for that shot. So this is when you're driving, deciding whether you're gonna drive a Ford, okay, so they're gonna take that time to build that relationship to actually show that person that client, what you can do for them? How are you going to solve their problem? How is your relationship with them? If they choose to Sapt is going to benefit and make their life easier? Are you and help them make more money? Are you going to make their health better their family relationships better? Their children were academically successful? What is it that you can provide for them, and if if they can trust you to do and deliver that solution for them, then you are going to want to drive it forward? Right. And I actually have a chapter in my book that talks about this with a chart in it that actually will show you that if you want to drive a Ford, there's three things that you have to be able to say yesterday, right? They have to, they have a problem that you can for sure solve through your product or service, right, that this person, this client fits your avatar, your customer profile. And lastly, that you want to work with them, and that they want to work with you. So yes, if all of that falls in, then you want to drive it forward. This doesn't mean that there's a sure shot that you will get that sale at the end, but it most likely will happen but you need to keep moving forward and building that relationship.

Ron Comeau 9:20

I totally get it. Because life is like sports. So in this case, the person has been introduced to you. And as in business as you are proving yourself to them. They're learning about you. They're coming to know like and trust you as we hear so often. That is you dribbling towards closer to the basket to get in a better position to shoot. And eventually you're either going to get in a position to shoot and take the shot and get the sale. Or you're gonna have to do something else.

Elaine Tan Comeau 9:49

That's right. Yeah, driving forward is about being confident it means pursuing that sale with poise and grace and gratitude. is your hope is the sale at the end. But it's very important that relationship.

Ron Comeau 10:07

So this is very interesting in as far as internet marketing goes these days because a lot of this know like and trust happens on the internet, it's not necessarily someone picking up a package off a store shelf or meeting you personally. And there's different schools of thought. And some people want to try to make the sale right away the first time that someone knows who you are, yeah, like aggressive salesman. Now, there may be certain products or services that work that way. But I think most don't, and you're gonna have a real low shooting percentage. So that's when that's why getting giving someone a lead magnet or some type of giving some someone some free value, and then they provide you with their email address. Now they're on your email list. Now you're providing value through your email list, teaching them about how you can solve their problems, is what I would consider driving it forward that yes, right getting into position to shoot.

Elaine Tan Comeau 10:58

That's right. So so if you're listening, and you have a small business, and you're using social media, as your presentation of your story, this is your, your avenue to drive a Ford, this is where you're presenting your story so that people can trust you. And you're showing your solutions in in that platform. So that that is you're driving it forward. Very important.

Ron Comeau 11:26

Keeping in mind, I will say in the NBA, there's something called a shot clock, which means you eventually have to stop dribbling and shoot. Absolutely. Otherwise, time's up and the other team gets the ball. So you can't just dribble forever, you have to eventually have the guts to take the shot.

Elaine Tan Comeau 11:43

Absolutely. And you will know and it might not be take a shot, because let's move to the last choice. All right. So when you're in triple threat, you are, you've stopped, you are actually standing there and you have that choice to shoot, drive a Ford, or pass. So let's talk about the past, right, because driving a Ford means you're knowing confidently that you want to sell and you're going boldly for that close with gumption and you will know whether you can take the shot or not. And that is when you come to this point, when you realize, okay, you know what, this person does have a problem, but I cannot help them, what I have to offer is not their solution. And the most beautiful thing you can do at this point is to pass this is when you are going to refer someone you know and trust, who could help this person with their their problem. And that is a really beautiful testimony of your integrity or your customer service. When you say, you know, thank you for sharing this problem that you have. Let me point you to someone I know who could really be a great solution, because I can't do what you're asking. And you know what, even though they aren't your customer right then and there, they most likely will be a future customer, but they will respect you and tell about you to somebody else. And that other person they might share you with maybe someone who has a problem that you actually can solve, because they'll recommend you.

Ron Comeau 13:27

Wow, this is so beautiful. Because life is like sports. And I can I can totally see it. Where if the shot is not there and the drive is not there and you pass the ball, that ball has a really good chance of coming back to you later when you are in the right position.

Elaine Tan Comeau 13:42

Absolutely. But just back on this pass, it's not only if you can't solve their problems, sometimes you can. But it's not the right person to work with because your core values are the same. Or it's not someone you want to work with because of what I just said, a conflict of interest or values. Or, for example, there was a store that wanted to sell Easy Daysies. And I'm always so honored, so humbled so grateful for any retailer that wants to sell Easy Daysies. But when I walked into the store, I saw the other things they offered, and they didn't have much product that was for helping children with organization or children's products at all. And I thought you know what, that having my product in their store is an honor. But it's probably not going to bring them sales in the sense of no one will know to look for it or need it because they weren't coming in for that. And they even place a very large order. And I didn't want to say you know what, it's not a good fit, but I decreased her order immensely. To let her know I appreciate her orders so much and the honor for being here. In her store, but let's start off with a much smaller order. And, and she was grateful and, and we didn't continue our partnership there. But I think she understood, I think she was just excited by the product because she was apparent and understood it, but her store wasn't the place to sell it.

Ron Comeau 15:21

Right. And that is one thing I've learned in years of sales is projecting can be a dangerous thing. And what that means is when you're standing on one side of a sales counter, and you project your likes, dislikes and your needs on to the customer, that can be a bad thing. So for example, this lady was apparent understood the product, so she is your customer avatar, but her by looks at the rest of her store. Her clients are not Yeah, so it's not gonna work out. So great chance for you to pass.

Elaine Tan Comeau 15:54

Yes, and so not every opportunity is a good opportunity. And so, back to saying that I have a book about this, I also have a chart there that summarizes when is a time to pass for sure. And, but I really appreciate it when I personally have been the customer and someone has said to me in a store, you know what, I don't have those. That's product for you here. But if you go to this store, just down the road, they can definitely help you. And I thought wow, what great customer service,

Ron Comeau 16:32

which may even be that may even be a competitor store. Absolutely. And that's the best. The beauty of this, I think, pretty much everybody knows about the shoot option. A lot of people know about the driver option. Very people, few people think about the pest option, and even fewer people actually do it in real life that when it happens to you, you're so disarmed and, and taken aback in a good way that it's going to be memorable for you. And you are going to want to pay it back to that business, for paying it forward to you. So you're gonna try to find a way to do business with them in the future or send someone else who does fit their profile to do business with them, simply because you're going to want to reciprocate what they did for you.

Elaine Tan Comeau 17:20

So this is one of those moments where I say to my husband, Ron, you are breaking sports. So thank you for listening, and I hope you got a USA strategy out of what we just discussed about the Triple Threat position. And how your business and where you are right now perhaps right now you are in that Triple Threat position. And you can think of zactly the client but I'm talking about and you can decide right now are you going to drive a Ford? Are you going to shoot or is it that time to pass? So thank you for listening, and we wish you the most awesome, amazing day. And Thank you Ryan for just being awesome. Thank you. Bye for now.