Welcome to the Elaine’s Kitchen Table Podcast, where I want to help you “Create Better” – Better Family, Better Health, Better Business, and Better Self!

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What people are saying about Elaine’s Kitchen Table Podcast:

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Elaine is amazing! I love her show!

What an amazing way to start my day, listening to Elaine on her show, “Elaine’s Kitchen Table”, who truly believes in a positive and loving attitude in life. She inspires so many to achieve a great deal of success at home, in business and in all relationships, with such grace and knowledge. There are so many helpful and insightful tips on her show, that can be applied in so many areas of life. I am so glad to have access to her show via podcast, I love having a little bit of “Vancouver” in my life and Elaine is so lovely and she is truly such an inspiration! Thank you, Elaine!!!!!

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Very impressed

I’m very impressed with the quality of your guests and content. It’s like a somewhat woman-oriented Canadian version of the Tim Ferris podcast. I always listen to a pod during my lunchtime run and it has to be interesting enough to distract me from the fact I’m running or I’ll move on to another. I re-wound the Greg McKeown episode at several points just to emphasize the ideas discussed. I look forward to hearing more!

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Shed some tears

while listening to Elaine Tan Comeau‘s podcast. For those of you who do not know Elaine, she is the founder of Easy Daysies and founder of Elaine’s Kitchen Table. She is a powerhouse, an inspiration and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Her first podcast after a 2 year hiatus is a MUST watch. Thank you for being you Elaine. May the Lord God continue to bless you and your family.
Trish Mandewo
Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

The best podcast for moms who dream BIG!

I love listening to it! Elaine is a wonderful mentor and leader that will inspire you to become the best version of yourself! The podcast content is great! ❤️
Sarah Lipi

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast


I have listened to 5 of your podcasts and I’m hooked!! They are so inspiring, informative and fun! Awesome!! I can’t wait to share with others!
Maria Freeman

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Great tips for business and being a mom

Great tips for starting, running and the work of being in business. And down to earth advice on the business of being a mom. Great job Elaine!

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

This is an amazing podcast Elaine!

I just love your sincerity, your truthful heart and the beauty do your caring soul. ❤️
Nicola M


Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Love love love

Such a patient, thoughtful, positive, kind and beautiful woman. A blessing to so many ❤️.
Heather MT

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

A must listen

Elaine is an inspiration to any entrepreneur and especially a “mom” entrepreneur. Love her podcast – so much insight

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Well done Elaine!

WOW….Elaine’s Kitchen Table Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Elaine. Keep bringing it.

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

A great resource

Great quality content, excellent resources and always worth the time to connect with Elaine and her guests. A wealth of knowledge that I can apply to business and family life.

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Great source of inspiration and learning opportunity!

I absolutely love all of the perspectives and ideas shared at Elaine’s Kitchen Table by Elaine and her guest speakers. Elaine is a real life example of success who have achieved personal and professional goals by still managing her business from her kitchen table.
Bek Shams

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Love this podcast!

Elaine is an amazing person inside and out and this podcast is a must subscribe for anyone looking to learn key ingredients for their business or parenting skills.


Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast


My new favourite podcast!

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast


Lots of great insight and tips! Love listening to Elaine. Subscribed so I won’t miss a single episode!

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Planning to listen to all episodes

Wow I am so happy I came across this podcast. It’s like finding a goldmine. Elaine has a soothing voice that delivers solid values that are invaluable to any entrepreneurs. Looking forward to listen to all past episodes and, of course, I am subscribed to future ones. Thank you Elaine for producing this podcast. 5+ stars!

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast


I was in tears listening to your story, Elaine!! Thank you for telling your story. Inspired and grateful. ❤️🤗
Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Not just for mom's

A great,common sense approach to many aspects of life and business. Elaine does a very good job bringing us along her journey and imparting nuggets of wisdom along the way. It’s fun, genuine and interesting. Well done!
Langley Rich

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Like being there

I’ve only heard 8 episodes (in a row) and I am definitely addicted to listening to Elaine! So down to earth and full of great advice, I feel like I am invited to her actual kitchen table.

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

With much love

Elaine, God bless you in all of your ventures. You are influencing many!
Peggy M
Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Great Insights and Practical!

I’ve found Elaine’s kitchen table both helpful and entertaining as a mom and business woman. I’ve listened to all the podcasts and they are interesting and very informative. I love hearing tips for how to raise my kids too.

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Wonderful MOMpreneur podcast

A great way to tap into the MOMpreneur mind for great tips

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Way to go!

Great job Elaine!!

Elaine Tan Comeau Podcast

Great perspective for new and established "MOMpreneurs"

Elaine’s Kitchen Table is a refreshingly candid sharing of one entrepreneur’s path to success – done from her, yes, kitchen table. Count me a fan for sure.