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As we sit around “Elaine’s Kitchen Table” together, my goal is to help you “Create Better” – better family, better health, better business, and better self.

We discuss a variety of topics, so what are you interested in diving into today?

The all-time most popular episodes of the podcast. A great place to start!

Let’s get down to business! Advice for start-ups, small businesses, future business owners and “mompreneurs”, all from the trenches of real businesses run by real people!

You need a business license, but not a parenting license – what? Navigate the world of parenting together with parenting experts, and while we are at it let’s talk about “work/life balance” – is it even a thing?

Elaine took her company Easy Daysies onto “Dragons’ Den” (Canadian equivalent of “Shark Tank”) and now takes you through the whole journey – from auditions to taping to what happens after, to what producers of these shows are looking for, and interviews with her investor partners! A must-listen for anyone contemplating this journey (or any type of investors).

Looking for a pick-me up to refill your inspirational and motivational gas tank? We’ve got lots here!

An ongoing series of interviews with “mompreneurs” – how did they do it? Where did they fail? How can you too become a successful “mom maker”?

How did Elaine incite a bidding war on Dragons’ Den, and sell her products all across North America? Learn here with the tips and secrets to crafting your own “perfect pitch”!

You hear it all the time in business – “know your numbers”. Which numbers? These ones!

Who doesn’t want tips and tricks for relating to their audience on social media? We’ve got lots here!

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